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Pumps along River Des Peres to prevent more basement sewage backups

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — When many went to sleep Wednesday they had no idea rain, thunder, and lightning was coming in the middle of the night. One lightning strike took out a pump station. Soon the homes along Germania near Sharp were filling with water and sewage. A sight and sound no one wants.

The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District says that at least 150 people were affected by the pump station being down.  The intense rainstorm dropped several inches of rain in about 45 minutes. There were about 150 homes affected by the failure of the Louis Street Pump Station.  It was struck by lightning and taken offline. Three pump stations experienced failures. MSD says that resulted in an overcharge in the sewer system.

Friday insurance adjusters and crews from Woodard Cleaning & Restoration were out along Louis and Germania. If you were one of the 150 or more homes in this part of the city and had basement backups call MSD at (314) 768-6260 to make a report to their customer service line.

MSD will be putting pumps along the River Des Peres as part of their flood plan with the city of St. Louis because the flood stage so high, over 40 feet.

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