Jefferson City buildings damaged by tornado being inspected

"I heard the two rounds of sirens, so I was up and went to take a look. I saw a bright blue flash across town from a power line and headed to a lower level," Shults told CNN.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Building inspectors in Jefferson City are tagging structures damaged by a Wednesday night tornado with red, yellow and green placards.

The News Tribune reports that the 16 inspectors are part of the Structural Assessment and Visual Evaluation Coalition, which consists of volunteer engineers, architects and building officials from across Missouri.

Buildings marked with red placards are considered too unsafe to occupy. Yellow placards mean a portion of the structure is unsafe. A green placard means the building is structurally safe and residents can occupy it.

Gov. Mike Parson’s Office said in a Friday news release that the coalition is expected to assess about 500 Jefferson City buildings and 200 structures in Cole County.

Of the first 321 structures inspected, 183 received green placards, 60 received yellow placards and 78 received red placards.

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