FOX 2’s ‘Captain’ Kilcoyne covering the Stanley Cup from a yacht in Boston Harbor

BOSTON, Ma. - FOX 2 Sports Director is covering the Stanley Cup finals from a yacht in Boston Harbor. They are aboard the S.S. Gloria, adorned in Blues banners. It offers a spectacular view of the Boston Bruins' TD Garden arena.

The boat's actual name is "In the Moment" and it may be a good reminder that the Blues need to stay present to win. Martin says that the team needs to stay out of the penalty box. They're down during the first game of the series.

The boat is Martin's home during the series in Boston. He says that temperatures in the bay are bitterly cold. He's hoping for a warm reception back in St. Louis.

"Captain" Kilcoyne has been tweeting from his ship. Check out some of his one-liners like this one below.

"I concede Zac Choate⁩ and Charlie Marlow⁩ have playoff beards. But I have a boat. For now. That counts right?" tweets FOX 2 Sports Director Martin Kilcoyne.

The Blues play game 2 of the Stanley Cup series tonight.  You can see Kilcoyne's live coverage from the yacht on FOX 2.


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