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SSM Health Medical Minute: Lowering maternal mortality

ST. LOUIS - The rates of maternal mortality are on the rise in the US and hemorrhage (excessive bleeding) is a major contributor.

Dr. Alan Buchbinder, SLUCare OB/GYN at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, specializes in high-risk pregnancy to prevent and manage hemorrhage and excessive bleeding following birth. These efforts include an active response team on the Labor & Delivery Unit, prepared and ready should hemorrhage occur.

A hemorrhage cart has been developed that is mobile and brought into the room to reduce or stop the bleeding. The active response team is ready for life-threatening hemorrhages. Timing is everything.

“We work really hard looking at ways to prevent it and then be ready for it when it happens, and also reviewing our systems and processes to make sure we are always improving so that we get better and better every time someone comes in with significant bleeding,” Dr. Buchbinder said.

SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital has a button in every room that calls for the active response team, whether they are pregnant and not in labor, or whether it's happening at the time the baby is born or has a c-section or even after delivery.

To learn more about your options for delivery and maternal care, click here.

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