Illinois police warn people to stop carrying gun-like cell phone cases

ZION, Ill. – Police are warning people not to carry cell phone cases that look like guns after a close call. The Illinois Department of Natural Resourced Conservation Police posted this account of a recent arrest to Facebook:

“DO NOT carry products like this around!! It is dangerous and places all citizens and Officers in unnecessary risk of harm. CPO Reid and Knop conducted a traffic stop on a stolen vehicle at Illinois Beach State Park. One of the occupants of the vehicle (who also had an outstanding arrest warrant for possession of a stolen vehicle) had this cell phone case tucked in his front waistband with only the “pistol handle” portion exposed above the waist line. CPO Reid observed this object and was able to quickly secure the individual in handcuffs and remove it. Only then was it apparent it was a cell phone case and not a real firearm. This incident serves as a reminder how quickly situations unfold for Officers under high-stress conditions, often leaving fractions of a second to make critical decisions.”

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