Blues fan one win away from cashing in on big bet

ST. LOUIS – The excitement of this year’s Blues’ season and the playoffs have been priceless. For one Blues’ fan, winning the Stanley Cup could mean a $100,000 payoff for him

Scott Berry, his family, and friends gathered at Carnivore on The Hill to cheer on the Blues in Game 5.

When the Blues were in last place in January, Berry was in Las Vegas and put down a $400 bet that the Blues would win the Stanley Cup. The odds were 250 to 1.

Berry said his friends told him he was crazy.

His own mother, Marilyn Berry, agreed.

“I thought, ‘Why would you spend $400 and waste it like that?’” she said.

As the Blues improved and won playoff game after playoff game, Berry’s confidence in the Blues grew.

“I’m a die-hard fan. I can’t give up now!” he said.

His mom thinks winning the bet could result in a love connection.

“I think maybe you’re going to find a wife because I want some more grandchildren,” Marilyn Berry said.

Berry has been offered a $40,000 guarantee buyout to sell his bet but he said he’s sticking with the Blues all the way.

“I’m letting this ride and there’s going to be a happy ending at this end of this thing,” he said.

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