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St. Louis area marching band members honor Missouri’s soldiers at D-Day anniversary

NORMANDY, FRANCE – A St. Louis area high school band is participating in the events surrounding 75th anniversary of D-Day. Americans landed there on June 6, 1944, to fight Nazis occupying France. 10,000 men sacrificed their lives for the “survival of liberty.” They sprinkled Missouri sand on the graves of soldiers from the state.

The Oakville High School Marching Band is the only band from Missouri selected to attend the events. A parent of one of the students says that they visited the graves of Missouri soldiers that are buried in Brittany Cemetery.

“They placed sand from Missouri at their graves sites to bring a little bit of home to the Missouri soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice. Each student was assigned specific soldiers graves to visit, honor, and remember. They will do so again tomorrow as the visit another veterans cemetery,” writes Kim Hasty.

The band was also part of the official ceremonies commemorating the 75th anniversary of the landing on Omaha Beach. They will also be a part of the anniversary events taking place over the next two days.

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