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Blues National Anthem singer happy to retire on a high note

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A familiar voice for the Blues is calling it quits after tonight. Charles Glenn, 64, has sung the national anthem for the team for 19-years but says it's time to retire.  He's thrilled to go out on a high note.

"It's nothing but love, nothing but love, everywhere I go. Everybody wants to talk to me. Everybody wants to take a selfie. Everybody wants me to meet their kids.  It's been beautiful St. Louis," said Charles Glenn.

Earlier this year Glenn made the decision to leave after this season. He's been battling Multiple Sclerosis.

"It impacts my life. It's a gradual thing with balance memory, and pains up and down my legs, and my back, and my hip. I keep going," said Charles Glenn.

He looks back on what's been a fairy tale season for the Blues.

"You could not write a book better than what's going on with them. They are fantastic," said Charles Glenn.  "My favorite moment was when we clinched against San Jose and I had my grandson with me. He got to stand up and wave the towel with the fans and cheer them on as they won and clinched against San Jose. That's my favorite moment."

Glenn came to the Blues in 2000.  He beat the competition in auditions and has become a popular figure in the organization. He's grateful to all those who made it so thrilling for him.

"I want to thank you the fans for being so supportive for 19-years. Showing me love. I would not have pictured this 19-years-ago. This has been beautiful. From the heart, I love you all," said Charles Glenn.

Charles Glenn had a special performance at Missouri Baptist Medical Centerthis week. The hospital posted this video on social media Saturday with the caption, "Our favorite lullaby."

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