City removes unprecedented amount of trash from downtown day after Game 6

ST. LOUIS – St. Louis City woke to a sea of trash Monday morning – the aftermath from tens of thousands of Blues fans partying all day and night downtown.

“There's quite a bit of volume, most I have seen in my career and I've been around for 30 years,” said Todd Waeltermann, streets director for the city of St. Louis. “This is the most trash I’ve seen on any single event.”

The Blues hired contractors to clean up event space and the began around 4 a.m. The parks and street departments were working with them as well. They got busy around 7 a.m.

“You couldn’t take a step without finding a piece of trash; from a beer can to a napkin,” Waeltermann. “It was a full court press today getting this cleaned up.”

Downtown STL president and CEO Missy Kelley says their clean team was out helping the city, working overtime with its five-person crew. They also cleaned the parks where the big events were held Sunday.

“The city's doing the heavy lifting and taking down things. We are topping off trash cans, sweeping sidewalks, picking up trash, and recycling what we can,” Kelley said.

When you look at shots of thousands of people downtown, it’s not hard to imagine the trash piling up. Waeltermann says his phone was blowing up with messaged Monday morning but the job appears mostly done now.

“We got a little equipment to pick up, like portable toilets and generators. The majority of trash is up and looking pretty good,” he said.

A city spokesperson says they wouldn't mind one bit if they were again cleaning up a celebration mess for a parade after Wednesday night's game.

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