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Cards and Cubs players make new fans for life by playing catch with fans from rival teams

CHICAGO, Ill. — Not many rivalries run deeper than the Cubs and the Cardinals. Players from both clubs were spotted this weekend playing catch with fans from rival teams.  Parents say their kids may start rooting for the opposite team on their jerseys.

Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong was spotted playing catch with a 6-year-old Cubs fan. His father tweeted a video with this message Sunday:

“Shout out to Paul DeJong for playing catch with my 6-year-old before tonight’s game (despite him wearing an Anthony Rizzo jersey). A true professional and class act. Made a fan for life.”

Central Illinois is the unofficial dividing line between the two fan bases. For one family, in particular, it runs right through their house.

The Masons are from Washington, IL and before this weekend, there were only two Cub fans living under their roof. But Willson Contreras changed that.

During warmups Sunday, the youngest brother, Chance asked Contreras to play catch with him in the bleachers. Willson happily obliged and even tossed him a ball to give to his older brother, Chase, who happened to be wearing a Yadier Molina jersey.

Contreras joked about the gift maybe helping him change allegiances and in a way it did. While Willson was in the bullpen, Chase took off his Cardinals gear and donned a Contreras T-shirt the group had purchased for someone else before the game. Chase didn’t make a complete switch. He reportedly still roots for Molina and the Cardinals but he’s apparently a Cubs fan for life now, too.

Not a bad first trip to Wrigley Field for Chase. At least, now, it’s an even split in the Mason home.

All nine games between the Cardinals and Cubs this season have been won by the home team. The Cardinals swept the Cubs in St. Louis and Chicago had another three-game sweep at Wrigley Field last month.

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