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Winfield residents face a long road ahead in flood recovery

WINFIELD, Mo. – The floodwaters were dropping and that means the work begins for folks trying to regain their everyday lives.

Homes were still underwater Tuesday in Winfield. On some buildings, you could see the water line of the flood’s high mark and how it has dropped about a foot.

Residents were still using boats to check on properties. Cherrie Tullock is a self-described flood veteran. She’s got a pretty good idea as to when she’ll be back to get back to her home.

“I think as long as there’s not more rainfall up north that we should be able to drive back there within a week and a half two weeks,” she said.

The Winfield High School became the first flood shelter to open in the area at the end of May. It’s was still caring for 19 people. Volunteers from across the country staff the facility. The man in charge was helped by the American Red Cross when he was young and now returns the favor.

“Satisfaction that everybody’s being helped and therefore I’m giving it back to them,” said Stephen Durham.

It’s been a tough time for Virgil Doris and his mother, Carol. He was disabled by a car accident a year ago, then his mom lost a lung to cancer, and now their home is underwater.

“Everyone wants to get back to their normal life, get back to their normal every day and put this flood behind them,” Doris said.

Lincoln County health workers were giving free tetanus shots. One could only imagine what diseases lurk in the flood waters.

Jim Sharp, the county emergency management director, said he will be meeting this week with government agencies and not for profit organization to map out a recovery plan that is helpful and effective for victims of the flood. Will require many answers to a lot of questions.

“What do our people need? What do our neighborhoods need? What do our families need? That could be anything; it could be specialized equipment, it could be manpower,” Sharpe said.

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