Floodwaters still creeping up, threatening Creve Coeur Airport

Data pix.

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Some St. Louis area airports have been hit hard by flooding. Floodwater is stranding some planes and filling hangers at the Creve Coeur Airport.

“It’s easier to say how many (hangars) it hasn’t impacted. There are 125 hangers on the field and about 12 have dry floors,” said airport manager Robert Cameron.

Millions of dollars’ worth of aircraft have been moved out of the airport.

“To compound the situation, the St. Charles Airport has been underwater for a number of weeks and they brought all of their aircraft over here, including the Saint Charles Flying Service, who've been operating out of our office for almost a month now, and now they are going to maybe have to find a new place to go,” Cameron said.

The water is three inches away from seeping into their office.

The runway is still accessible because it is at a higher elevation but the next things in jeopardy are the office building, along with the museums on site.

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