Lawyers chant ‘We need support’ to protest bra screenings

A young woman places a garland of bras in order to hang them along a street in the French Mediterranean city of Banyuls-sur-Mer, during a citizens' action to protest against a private marina project on July 20, 2012. The spontaneous citizens' action was inspired by Barbara Frenz, a local resident, who decided to work with other women to make a garland of bras as a political and artistic statement against the private marina project and in favour of an eco-friendly port. Emboldened by the local mayor's decision to ask police to take down the garland, several women from the neighborhood decided to work on making new one. AFP PHOTO / RAYMOND ROIG (Photo credit should read RAYMOND ROIG/AFP/GettyImages)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City area attorneys have taken to the street to protest a jail security policy that prevents them from meeting face-to-face with clients if they are wearing underwire bras unless they first remove them for screening.

The Kansas City Star reports that about 75 female attorneys and supporters stood on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse on Wednesday, chanting “We need support!”

They say that when their bras set off metal detectors, they must either remove them or meet with their clients via phone and separated by a window. The attorneys call that discriminatory because male attorneys aren’t affected.

Jail officials say the rule is justified because bras can hold sharp objects and other dangerous contraband. Sheriff Darryl Forte said later that he’s willing to meet with the protesters.

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