This Blues fan made a big bet on a last place team to win the Stanley Cup and it paid off

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The Blues weren't the only big winners Wednesday night. Back in January, when the team was in last place Scott Berry placed a $400 bet on the team to win the Stanley Cup. Brendan Chapel also placed a $200 dollar bet.

Every time the team advanced they were offered money to buy out their bet tickets but they refused. Those long shots paid off last night. Brendan will get $50,000 and Scott will get $100,000.

"It's funny. That ticket went from my sock drawer to my safe, to my safety deposit box. It's had a bigger journey than I have through this whole thing. But it's been great, and I'm so proud of the St. Louis Blues, and this city, and their fans, and everyone. It's just an amazing ride and I'm just so glad, more so than I deserve a 100,000. We deserve this as a city more than that," said Scott Berry.

When Berry placed his bet in January the odds of the Blues winning the Stanley Cup was 250-to-1.

A sports reporter captured Berry's reaction to the win on video.  The Tweet has gone viral:

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