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Local men’s group provides resources for those with cancer

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ST. LOUIS - Are you or someone you know dealing with cancer? There are resources out there to help you and your family cope.

The St. Louis Men's Group Against Cancer is dedicated to making a difference.

"Everyone knows someone if not their family, a friend who has dealt with cancer. A dreaded disease that affects everyone. Our goal is to help the community as they go through this horrible journey," said Committee Men Alan Epstein.

Epstein is proud to be apart of the St. Louis Men's Group Against Cancer.

"The St. Louis Men's Group Against Cancer is a very unique organization where we wrap our arms around the entire cancer community. We are dedicated to research, prevention and care for cancer victims and their families," said Epstein.

The group is going on its 50th year and it is the only organization that brings the entire cancer community together.

Brian Pultman, who chairs the dinner, joined the group more than 20 years ago.

"I wish I could tell you it was out of the goodness of my heart but the reality is every family is stricken with some type of cancer and it just so happens our family has had cancer in his history as well," Pultman said.

Pultman said one of the biggest fundraisers is the dinner event. Last year, more than 500 men attended.

"It is unbelievable the generosity of the community," he said.

The group supports more than 30 organizations: Camp Rainbow, Ronald McDonald House, and Food Outreach, just to name a few.

"When it comes to down to medical, health is the most important thing out there. Personally, it's been cancer and thinking about advancing the research to increase people's quality of life," Pultman said.

Dedicated to making a difference and one day, finding a cure.

The 50th annual Men's Dinner is Thursday, November 21 at the Ritz Carlton. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or would like more information about the St. Louis Men's Group Against Cancer, click here.

The St. Louis Men's Group Against Cancer supports more than 30 organizations including genetic testing at St. Louis University Cancer Center and Food Outreach which helps those living with hunger with cancer or HIV/AIDS.

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