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You Paid For It: Uncovering township money troubles in East St. Louis

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – Fox 2’s You Paid For It team is investigating new financial troubles hitting a questionable government entity.

Many Illinois communities have township governments in addition to cities. Oftentimes, the townships perform functions that can be handled by the municipality.

Elliott Davis learned that the financially-strapped East St Louis Township ran into trouble helping citizens but they did have the money to pay officials and workers.

The township is supposed to give out assistance checks of about $240 each but the fund ran dry.

While money arrived later, the city was unable to help with the checks to the needy for months before help arrived.

But that's only a temporary lifeline. The township will likely run into the same problem again. They'll have the money for payroll and to run headquarters but not enough to hand out checks to needy citizens.

Belleville was one of the city's that had a township government but it was dissolved to save money. The township functions are now performed by the city of Belleville.

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