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Spirit of St. Louis: Distracted Driving – Take the pledge to stop driving distracted

ST. LOUIS - Distracted driving is the cause of over 37,000 fatal crashes every year. The Missouri Coalition for Roadway safety reports 94 percent of crashes are the result of human error. Bommarito Automotive Group is helping to lower these numbers across the globe.

There are three main types of distraction:

Visual: Taking your eyes off the road.

Manual: Taking your hands off the wheel

Cognitive: Taking your mind off of driving.

All of these contribute to distracted driving accidents. John Bommarito, president of Bommarito Automotive Group, says he sees them often.

“Unfortunately,” Bommarito says, “we have a number of vehicles that come to our collision centers every day that are involved in a driver distracted accident.”

New safety technology exists in new cars that deploy extra airbags. There is also an app that will disable your phone while driving. To keep yourself safe from others, Bommarito suggests getting an entire airbag system, blindside mirrors, adaptive cruise control, and automatic braking systems because this technology is saving lives.

Missouri has a law that prohibits anyone under 21 from operating a motor vehicle while texting or talking on hand-held mobile devices and in Illinois it is illegal for all ages. Now is the time to stop distracted driving! Take the pledge here.

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