2 dead following dispute between Jefferson County neighbors

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NEAR CEDAR HILL, MO - A dispute between neighbors turns deadly in Jefferson County and launched a manhunt near Cedar Hill.

Normally this is a very quiet town. Not a whole lot goes on here but to hear that something this drastic went on. It makes you a little worried," said Tyler Wright, neighbor.

He was at work around 7:30 Saturday morning when he heard the neighborhood around Krshul Road was put on lockdown so he left to go check on his mom who was home at the time.

“She only got a glimpse of the cop cars going down the road and that made her question everything and really lock up the house," said Wright.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says they were searching for a gunman after finding his neighbor shot to death near her burning home after he drove a truck into it. But, that may have not been his first altercation of the day.

“A little after 7 o’clock this morning two vehicles crashed to one and other and then one of the vehicles off took off and went that way,” said Grant Bissell, Spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Wright says, “He bent the door back on one of the trucks. He actually nearly ran over the driver when he tried to get out of the truck. Some crazy stuff going on.”

The Sheriff's Office now believes it was the same truck that’s smashed into the home.
Law-enforcement spent about three hours looking for the shooter and told neighbors to stay indoors. The all-clear was given after a SWAT Team found the man dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Sheriff says right now he's not identifying the two deceased, but he believes they were neighbors in a disagreement over property lines.

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