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Area police departments to crack down on 4th of July fireworks violators

ST. LOUIS - If you’re looking to set off fireworks over the 4th of July weekend, you might want to think again. In some cities shooting your own is technically illegal.

Your best bet for not breaking the law if you plan on setting off fireworks in St. Charles is to know that fireworks are prohibited within the city limits except between the hours of noon an 11 p.m. on July 3 and 4.

Municipalities in St. Louis County and St. Louis City will be cracking down and say if you light it they will write it.” If we have to come back you will be cited, if we catch you in the act we will write you,” said Sgt. Meredith Absolon.

That's the warning from the Manchester Police Department. This year they are cracking down on fireworks compared to previous years, “We do get calls regarding the fireworks, peoples dogs are scared, dogs run away and kids get hurt, we want to make sure that does not happen in our neighborhood,” said Absolon.

Manchester police will have a special unit assigned to be on the lookout for firework calls. Police say fireworks are prohibited within the City of Manchester, St. Louis County and in the City of St. Louis.

Last year our very own Elliott Davis did a ride along with them in the City of St. Louis Fire Department.

There were 83 fires that night, compared to 14 on a normal day. The biggest damage was the Macklind Deli which burned down on July 4, 2018, is said to have been caused fireworks.  “Fireworks do end up in the grass and it's dry and spark flames. Your house can go up in flames in a heartbeat, the land on people roofs and cars,” said Absolon.

St. Louis City Police recently tweeted this year they will issue summons and seize fireworks from anyone who violates the city ordinance. Police talked about the danger’s fireworks cause each and every year.

Police say the ordinances have always been enforced and they depend on citizens to call 911 to provide details. Each city is different, so be sure to you follow your ordinances.

Authorizes say the best way to protect your family is to not use any fireworks at home.  Instead, attend public fireworks displays and leave the lighting to the professionals.

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