Protect your pets this Fourth of July

ST. LOUIS – Man’s best friend is likely not fond of this week. The crackles, pops, and bangs that come with fireworks can cause a lot of anxiety in animals.

“It can be a time of lots of loud noises and change in a dog’s schedule,” said Dr. Nicole Fulcher, Animal Medical Center of Mid America. “Dogs are really sensitive to noise, noises they’re not used to, and a lot of it happening all at once.”

The Humane Society of Missouri recommends a variety of sprays, medicines, or even mood music that can help calm your canine.

“Know what can keep your pet calm and providing a safe place,” said Dr. Fulcher. “In general, I don’t recommend people bring their pets to fireworks with a large crowd and lots of unfamiliar noises. I tend to make the pet safe creating a quiet, cool place for them. There’s also music; you dull the noises.”

Thunder shirts might work but so can sticking to normal schedules and routines like walks, meals, and play time.

And consider calming your cat’s nerves this week as well.

“They tend to be solitary in nature,” said Dr. Fulcher. “They’re also predator and prey so they like to perch and the also like to hide if they’re scared, painful, or really just stressed.”

So turn on some light music and make a comfortable place for your kitty or your canine.

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