Yadier Molina defends fellow catcher following violent collision at home plate

ST. LOUIS – Being a catcher means putting yourself in harm’s way every game. Manning the plate carries all manner of responsibilities; among them – protecting the plate on a throw to home.

Yadier Molina took to Instagram Sunday night after watching a brutal collision at home plate between Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy and Jake Marisnick of the Houston Astros.

In the game, Marisnick drove his shoulder into the head and neck of Lucroy during a play at the plate. The play looked vicious in real-time and in the replay.

Lucroy suffered a concussion and broken nose as a result of the collision, ESPN reported.

Molina was incensed.

“Bull****!!!😡😡 MLB need to take action on this Bull**** play! ****! Praying for Lucroy! slide slide slide ****** !!!”

The Cardinals catcher responded to Astros fans and other players who came into his mentions to defend Marisnick or call the matter an accident.

For his part, Marisnick apologized during postgame interviews and on social media.

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