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Construction of St. Louis Wheel underway at Union Station

ST. LOUIS – Construction of the new 200-foot tall observation wheel is well underway downtown at Union Station.

First built in 1894, St. Louis Union Station was the biggest and busiest train terminal in the country. Now, the new St. Louis Wheel will light up the Gateway City skyline next to it.

Some of the latest attractions coming here to Union Station include an 18-hole mini golf course, a carousel, new restaurants, and the St. Louis Wheel.

Bob O’Loughlin, CEO and chairman of Lodging Hospitality Management, said his team visited some 10 Ferris wheels around the country and ultimately selected a plant in Wichita, Kansas to manufacture the St. Louis Wheel.

“There will be 42 gondolas on the wheel and one VIP customized experience,” said Eli Stovall, managing partner of the St. Louis Wheel. “The gondolas are climate controlled; air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter time.”

Each gondola on the wheel will hold eight people.

The St. Louis Wheel is expected to begin operating in October, while the St. Louis Aquarium should open in late 2019.

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