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Suspects caught on camera spray painting vehicles in several Eureka neighborhoods

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EUREKA, Mo. -  Suspects were recorded spray painting vehicles and homes in Eureka, Missouri.

"It was the early morning hours.  It was dark out with street lights on. They seemed to be just strolling down the street," said Captain David Wilson.

At around 2:00am in the Rockwood, Parc, Hunters Green and Hunter Heights subdivisions, the teenage tandem proceeded to vandalize vehicles.

"It seems like some individuals just have no concern for other people's personal property," said Captain David Wilson.

The perpetrators, a young man and woman, defaced seven vehicles overall, including a pair of St. Louis County Police Cruisers that were parked at the respective homes of off-duty officers.

"We have cars in the neighborhood. That helps prevent crimes, but sometimes it makes us targets," said Captain David Wilson.

"It's terrible that they have to get to that point where they are damaging other people's things," said Marlere Krueger.

Residents of the subdivision look at this as more than just a playful prank.

"It's just been foolish kid things for us, but when they start messing with cars and stuff like that, then that's getting a little far," said Leroy Krueger.

Police are hoping the surveillance video of the mischief-makers will bring the horseplay to a sudden stop.

Eureka police are asking residents who have surveillance
cameras to check them between the hours of 1:00am and 4:00am.  If you have information about this case call the Eureka Police Department at 636-938-6600.


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