Elderly South County man targeted in car repair scam

Data pix.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – An 86-year-old South County man who wants to remain anonymous said he was targeted Saturday morning in a shopping center parking lot. When he came out of the grocery store he quickly noticed something was wrong with his car.

Paris Morris, a private detective with Daden Investigative Services, is helping the elderly man. She said, “(86-year-old man) went to go pull out of his spot noticed that his car was wobbling really bad a man approached him and said he could repair the car that he had all the parts in his car.”

Morris took on the case for free.  She said the suspect demanded $300 from the victim.  It’s believed the suspect loosened the lug nuts while the man was in the store and simply re-tightened them later. The elderly man went to a friend for help who told the suspect to get lost. The victim is grateful to his friends. He said, “I just love them they help me out...they more or less take care of me.”

The detective did some investigating and said the suspect was charged in two different cases connected to similar shakedowns, “It looks like he has some priors in Texas for similar scam with an elderly lady who was scammed out of more than $20,000,” said Morris.

St. Louis County Police have stepped up patrols in the area. Morris said, “I do think he’s preying on older people because I don’t think of a lot of elders are familiar with parts of cars especially new cars.”  The victim added, “The mind as not as strong and hip to what’s going on.”

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