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Illinois Department of Transportation wants to know more about ‘Def Leppard Lagoon’

PEOTONE TOWNSHIP, Ill. – The Illinois Department of Transportation is asking their Facebook fans to verify the name of a lagoon located in northern Illinois. A Google Maps search result shows Def Leppard Lagoon located along Rock Creek in Peotone Township, Illinois.

“We were double-checking a location on the map and stumbled across this interesting place name, southwest of Peotone. Does anyone have a Photograph of this or is the map just Foolin’? Def Leppard,” writes the Illinois Department of Transportation.

The lagoon with the interesting name is located near the broadcast tower for Bible Broadcasting Network station WCPQ. Google lists the radio station location as WBUS-FM. The call letters have changed several times over the years. The last time the station was called “The Bus” was in the 1980s and 1990s when it played rock music.

A post to a fishing forum from 2015 sheds some light on the area, “You can find it, but I don’t think you can find it by googling for it as a phrase, and it’s not really a lagoon. It just happened to be the closest spot that FishMap had for me to check out for Rainbow Darters and Southern Redbelly Dace. Neither of which I found while there, unfortunately. It’s a small spot on the Rock Creek as it passes under S. Center Road SW of Peotone.”

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