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Carjacking victim hopes jail makes changes after inmates escape

LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. – The victim of a carjacking involving two escapees from the Lincoln County Jail hopes steps are taken to keep area residents safe.

Dale Averitt said Monday night’s escape was the second time there’s been an escape at the jail. There was another escape in 2010.

Averitt, who lives about a mile from the jail, said he doesn’t feel safe.

“I’ve raised my family here and really love my place here but I have to go,” he said.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department posted information on its Facebook page saying an inmate used broken pieces from a hair clipper to weaken a bar that was pulled from a cell wall. The sheriff has promised an in-depth review to include security enhancements.

The two escapees are connected to violent and deadly crimes. Kurt Wallace was indicted in a string of carjackings, including one that claimed the life of De Smet coach Jaz Granderson. James Flannel was charged in the death of cab driver Boris Iouioukine.

Police said the suspects eventually crashed the vehicle they stole. They were taken to the hospital after crashing in St. Louis County and are in custody. Averitt credited Troy police for responding quickly to his 911 call for help. Troy detectives said the vehicle’s OnStar service helped them track the suspects’ location.

“We probably never would have found them without it,” said Troy Police Detective Tony Stewart. “At least not as quickly as we did.”

He credited area police agencies for their cooperation in eventually apprehending the suspects, who now face additional charges.

The suspects are federal inmates. Lincoln County contracts with the federal government to house federal inmates. Averitt hopes that practice comes to an end.

“Fortunately, no one has been seriously injured, but that’s only time, only time until someone does,” he said.

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