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Victims in 2017 Soulard explosion get $47 million settlement

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — It’s alleged a series of problems led to the April 2017 explosion in Soulard that killed and injured several people. It happened at the Loy-Lange Box Company. Loy-Lange and five other companies were sued after the explosion.

A 3000-pound pressurized container exploded. It took off like a rocket and landed in the Faultless Linen Company some 500 feet away. Four people were killed three of them instantly. Another three people were injured and one is still recovering. The plaintiffs were represented by eight different law firms.

Plaintiff’s lawyers said many problems caused the blast. Tim Cronin is an attorney with The Simon Law Firm. He said, “This incident was really caused by a lot of problems a series of problems, including the design of the tank the metal wasn’t thick enough, the water wasn’t treated right so there was a lot of corrosion, inspections weren’t done enough.”

The settlement was $47 million, that may seem like a lot of cash but lawyers for the survivors and injured said it doesn’t take away people’s pain and sadness. Brad Wilmoth is an attorney with Page Law. He said, “I guarantee every single client, in this case, would gladly pay that money back to get their loved ones back. The settlement was good it doesn’t bring the family back it doesn’t resurrect the dead it doesn’t heal wounds.”

The box company released a statement saying it disagrees with the alleged cause. A vice president said he hopes the settlement moves the healing process for every one forward. And, he said, the companies involved will continue to remember the dead, their families and the injured.

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