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Judges warn north St. Louis County man to stay away from Metro system after making threats

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. - A north St. Louis County man accused of making a terror threat, assaulting a security officer, and threatening to kill police has just been released from jail again.

As a result, St. Louis Circuit Judge Michael Mullen ordered Bryonta Haywood, 25, released on his own recognizance with the stipulation that he is to stay off of Metro buses, MetroLink trains, bus stops, and train stations.

Those are the same conditions ordered by St. Louis Circuit Judge Michael Noble 11 days earlier.

Haywood is charged with making a terrorist threat in St. Louis County, a felony; misdemeanor assault 4th in the City of St. Louis, a misdemeanor, and 2 counts of criminal trespassing in the City of St. Louis, also misdemeanors.

He’s accused of threatening to blow up the Lewis and Clark library branch in front of multiple patrons and workers, June 25th.

He was released from jail and St. Louis County Circuit Judge Jason Dobson banned him from the library.

About 2 weeks later, police arrested him at a Metro bus station on Riverview in North St. Louis.  Haywood allegedly threatened to bash a security officer with a chunk of concrete before throwing it at the officer’s feet.

He was again released from jail on his own recognizance.

That same day, police arrested him again for allegedly going to the Metro station near Enterprise Center in Downtown St. Louis and refusing to leave.

He was arrested again for trespassing at the same station 5 days later, with police saying he threatened to kill 2 officers.

A witness to one of the arrests wasn’t sure what to think, saying she’d never seen him hurt anyone. “Hopefully it doesn’t get to that point. It makes you nervous but the Metro security up here is real good,” the woman said.

Haywood is due back in court in both St. Louis City Circuit Court and St. Louis County Circuit Court next month.

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