Recipe: Garlic Honey Brussel Sprouts

By Anya’s Apothekere


1 lb Brussels Sprouts
1 shallot
3 slices of bacon
2 Tbsp Anya’s Apothekere Fermented Garlic Honey
Handful of roasted pine nuts
Salt and pepper to taste


Clean and halve the brussel sprouts, place in steamer and steam for 5-6 min, until they are still al dente.
Cut bacon into small dice and sautee in skillet until crispy, remove the bacon and leave fat in skillet.
Mince shallot and cook in the bacon fat until translucent.
Add brussel sprouts and cook until they get a little browned/charred on the outside, turn off burner.
Add Fermented Garlic Honey into the skillet and mix well.
Add bacon and salt/papper to taste.
Move to serving dish and garnish with pine nuts.

Anya’s Apothekere

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