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Michigan couple visits, cleans up beaches at every Great Lake in a day

A Michigan couple with a love for the great lakes took their passion to a new level. They challenged themselves to paddleboard all five lakes in just one day while cleaning up trash along the way.

Daniel And Anastasia Bonner traveled more than 600 miles between sunrise and sunset. Even though they were up against the clock they made time to stop and clean up what others didn’t.

They stopped at each beach for ten minutes to pick up garbage that was left behind.

” There are always going to be people who are littering”

“ Looking at all the cars at the beach right now. If every single family or every single person who was out here right now took five items home multiply that by the amount cars at the beach today– that’s a lot of plastic.”

The couple says a documentary is being made about their journey. More information on their journey can be found on their Instagram page.






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