Teen caught stealing US flag from business; owner lets him pass out flags to customers to make it right

Data pix.

PACIFIC, Mo. – A Pacific business owner taught a teen who stole from him a lesson, and it didn't involve an arrest.

The teen was caught on surveillance video stealing an American flag from Beacon Car & Pet Wash early Thursday morning. The owner posted the surveillance footage on Facebook which led to people identifying the teen and the teen calling the business and asking to return the flag.

The owner of the business, Bill Hoaglin, invited the teen to come back and return the flag and to spend the day handing out miniature American flags to his customers. The teen agreed.

"The middle flag, I stole it, I made a mistake," said Keaton Chandler. "Don't steal flags, kids."

Hoaglin, who is a veteran, said he wanted the teen to learn a life lesson instead of getting arrested.

"I just feel this is a better learning experience for the young man and potentially for other people who know he is here doing it," he said.

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