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Contact 2: Home Depot helps resolve faulty AC issue

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ST. LOUIS – Summertime in St. Louis is a bad time for your air conditioner go out. Just ask Vanessa Robinson.

“It makes me feel really weak. You can’t relax. You’re sweating all the time. It’s terrible,” she said.

Extra terrible because she says a whimpering window unit barely had any mileage on it.

“It was running for about a year, I was really proud of it, and then all of a sudden it stopped running,” she said.

In May 2018, Robinson bought her Soleus Air brand air conditioner online from Home Depot and picked it up at a store in north St. Louis County. She told Fox 2 she didn’t expect a problem so soon.

“I called this manufacturer number. I did not get a response. I called back to Home Depot and they told me you have to go through them, they weren’t honoring any manufacturer issues,” she said.

Feeling frustrated, she called Contact 2.

“If I can’t get any results, I’ve got to try to find a way to get an air conditioner in here. I can’t take the heat,” she said.

Fox 2 contacted Home Depot. A representative explained Vanessa’s AC unit was discontinued by the manufacturer, which might’ve explained the issues she had getting answers. She added that Home Depot would replace her current AC with a new Frigidaire, valued at $720.

In a statement, Home Depot said: “We never want a customer to be disappointed in a purchase from The Home Depot. We’re replacing Ms. Robinson’s AC unit at no cost and are grateful for the opportunity to make this right.”

And we’re grateful for this well-timed resolution, knowing the dog days of summer in St. Louis have yet to pass.

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