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Eva Longoria says Felicity Huffman handled college cheating scandal with ‘grace’

Eva Longoria talked to "Entertainment Tonight" at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Annual Grants Banquet in Beverly Hills about Huffman's involvement in the college cheating scandal.

One of Felicity Huffman’s former “Desperate Housewives” co-stars has some words of praise for her.

Eva Longoria talked to “Entertainment Tonight” on Wednesday at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Annual Grants Banquet in Beverly Hills about Huffman’s involvement in the college cheating scandal.

“I think she has a heart that is bigger than the sun and that’s the Felicity I know and that’s the woman I choose to support and love,” Longoria said. “She was humbled by what happened and I think she did handle it with as much grace as she could in that situation.”

She and fellow actress Lori Loughlin were among dozens of wealthy parents charged in a massive college admissions cheating scheme.

Huffman pleaded guilty in May to paying $15,000 to a fake charity that facilitated cheating when her daughter took the SATs for college admission.

She is scheduled to be sentenced on September 13.

Longoria is the latest celeb to speak out in support of Huffman.

Last month Patricia Arquette and Angela Bassett, who star in the film “Otherhood” with Huffman, also talked to “Entertainment Tonight” about how Huffman handled the scandal.

“I mean I haven’t spoken to her but I feel that she’s sincerely truly sorry and feels she made a humongous mistake and I think she dealt with it the best way that you can deal with it,” Arquette said. “But I know that she’s probably carrying a lot of shame and guilt and all of that stuff so that’s all I could really do is just leave her a message and say you know I think you’ve handled this the best you could and I know that you feel terrible about this and you know I’m thinking about you.”

“I think she’s handling it like a grown-up person,” Bassette said. “She’s handling it like a grown woman.”

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