Exceptional weather contributes to best peach crop in Eckert’s history

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY - This stretch of beautiful summer weather is perfect for peach picking.   Eckert’s in Belleville and Grafton is letting you pick your own peaches through much of August. Judy Eckert says that this is the best peach crop in their history.

"All the rain we had this spring and early summer really helped the peach trees. It also helped with the size of the peaches. Eckert’s is offering their extra fancy peaches this year in addition to their regular, fancy peaches. These extra fancy peaches are about the size, or even larger than, a softball.

This year's excellent crop is attributed to many factors including good horticultural practices and even some luck, but the weather has been a major player. Our past winter even played a role in the peach crop.

“Winter was not harsh for us this year. We do lose peaches in the wintertime when the temperature drops below zero and the further they get below zero the more we lose, so we survived that pretty well. And then the spring was good to us and then the rains came and everything is flourishing," said Judy Eckert, manager of the Eckert's store in Manchester.

There’s still plenty of time to pick your own peaches at the new Eckerts store at 141 and Manchester Road.

The weather has been great for the peach crop but all the rain this spring did impact some varieties of apples. It was rainy a lot of the time when they should have been pollinating.

The first apple varieties, honey crisp and gala, will be available in just a few weeks and the majority of apple picking will take place in September and October.

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