Researches discover new blood test to accurately predict Alzheimer’s years before brain scan can

ST. LOUIS -  Brain changes in Alzheimer`s disease begin up to 20 years before the characteristic memory loss and confusion occur.  So, what if there could be a way to detect early brain changes that lead to Alzheimers' well before the disease becomes apparent?

Last week, Washington University researchers published results of a study that represent a key step toward a blood test to diagnose people on track to develop Alzheimer's before symptoms arise.

Dr. Suzanne Schindler, a neurologist at The Washington University School Of Medicine, joined FOX 2 to discuss the groundbreaking discovery.

Washington University School of Medicine
Meet the following criteria:
1- At least 60 years of age
2- Must not have a pacemaker
3- No bleeding disorder or infectious disease

If you meet the criteria for the blood test, you can call 314-884-8452.

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