Celebrate National Black Cat Appreciation Day by adopting a furry friend

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ST. LOUIS - Saturday, August 17th is National Black Cat Appreciation Day and the Humane Society of Missouri is raising awareness and breaking stigmas surrounding black cats. These furry friends are just as adorable and friendly as any other cat. Not only are the superstitions about them untrue, but you might find a black cat to be a fantastic feline companion for you!

Black cats are also more resistant to disease. While black cats are often overlooked because of their coat color, these cats` immune systems are stronger due to a gene they carry.
They tend to be more resistant to diseases like FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) than other cats, and the mutation that causes a cat`s fur to be black is in the same genetic family as genes known to give humans resistance to diseases like HIV.

For more information, visit http://hsmo.org/.

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