Redbird Express canceled for the 2nd day, as Metro contract talks continue

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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, IL – St. Louis Cardinals fans hoping to take the Redbird Express to Tuesday`s game against the Brewers are out of luck. The Red Bird Express has suspended service again.

Some Cardinals fans may be disappointed after Metro called off the Redbird Express 2 days in a row, “We were unable to provide that service because we have much higher than usual bus operators and train operators calling off work,” said Jessica Mefford-Miller, Metro Executive Director.

The Redbird Express is a shuttle service taking Cardinal fans from St. Clair Square in Fairview Heights, to Busch Stadium throughout the evening and brings fans back after the game.

The company says they cannot guarantee this will be the only instance leaving fans scrambling to make last-minute plans.

The delays stem from ongoing labor contract negotiations between the union and Metro, “We had a contract that expired on June 30, so until today we have been honoring the extensions,” said Mefford-Miller.

Union leaders at Amalgamate Transit Local 788 are trying to work out a new contract. This is the latest day that a high number of Metro bus drivers and train operators have called off work in the last month something the union says is out of their control, “They want to stem everything towards the contract, so it's easy to try and group it together and make a work stoppage. We cannot put that on operator’s, union reps we can’t do that, we know that's against the law we would never do that,” said Union President Reginald.

“This is a grassroots movement from the members, not the union, but it’s an effort to bring attention to the safety and working conditions - Metro on the buses, on the trains and so forth just like the average member is concerned about their safety and well-being while they are riding.  The operator is concerned about the same thing,” said Antoian Johnson, Financial Secretary ATU Union 788.

There was also concern from both sides after riders had to wait in the heat yesterday due to the shortage.

A new contract proposal is set for this week and another meeting is set for next week.

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