After spate of car break-ins, Jefferson County authorities warn people to lock their car doors

Data pix.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – Guns are being ripped off from unlocked vehicles in Jefferson County and the sheriff is concerned. More than 70 firearms have been stolen from cars and homes since the end of May.

In less than a week, many cars have been hit across Jefferson County.

The suspects will check door handles for unlocked vehicles and take what’s inside. In the last six days, 16 cars have been hit. Three guns were ripped off and two cars were stolen.

The criminals seem to be targeting communities along Interstate 55 in Jefferson County. However, Jefferson County investigators are also talking to communities in other counties about similar crimes.

In one case, criminals entered an unlocked car on the driveway, found a garage door opener, and stole the car inside the garage that had the keys in the ignition.

Deputies are concerned about the break-ins but are even more worried about the guns ending up in the hands of criminals.

“They’re on the streets and used to commit atrocities against people,” sheriff’s office spokesman Grant Bissell said.

The bottom line: deputies say leave nothing in your vehicle, including your garage door opener. And if you have a gun in your home, make sure it is secure.

“I thought I was safe out here but I guess you’re not safe anywhere anymore,” said Linda O’Brien, who lives nearby.

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