As summer winds down, it’s time to get your lawn ready for the change in seasons

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY – Out with the old and in with the cold -- or at least, colder. The transition to fall means shorter days and cooler nights will bring relief to your lawn and plants. That means it’s for many to get back in the yard.

If you have more brown in your yard than green, you may think you have a dying lawn, but you may be mistaken.

Gretchen Kliwer, a maintenance sales assistant for Quiet Village Landscaping explains: “We’ve had a big problem with fungus this year. So, if you’re seeing brown patches in your lawn that doesn’t mean your lawn is dying it means it has too much water. So, I would hold off on watering.”

If that’s not the issue, brittle, damaged grass may need aerating rather than seeding. Aeration allows stressed lawns to heal, breath, and develop good fresh roots as we bridge the gap from the summer to the winter.

If you’re thinking beyond winter to spring, now is the time to plant trees, shrubs, and bulbs. Fall planting will allow for a strong comeback in the spring as the warm ground and cool fall air will allow these roots to thrive before the first freeze of the season.

Don’t worry, you still have time. The average first freeze in St. Louis is October 21.

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