Kim Hudson explains why she will be off-air for a few months

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — It may be a while before you see Kim Hudson on-air. She is the host of our 9:00am broadcast and a FOX 2 reporter. Hudson says in a Facebook post that she will be on medical leave starting September 3, 2019. She has been living with uterine fibroids for some time and says that it is time for her to get a hysterectomy.

Kim says in a video posted to Facebook that this is a personal decision and may not be for every woman. She has not been feeling well for decades and could not understand why.

The unexpected bouts of illness had her worried that she could meet work deadlines. She was diagnosed with fibroids several years ago. Doctors were able to shrink them in 2011 with a special procedure. Kim got well but noticed the symptoms return after a few years.

Now, she is getting the surgery on Tuesday and will be off-air until October, 30. Kim is asking others who are in pain to get it checked out by a doctor. She is urging viewers to get all of your regular checkups and be aware of what is going on with your body.

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