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Six Flags St. Louis unveils the Catwoman Whip in 2020!

EUREKA Mo.  – St. Flags St. Louis is adding a new ride to the park’s thrill lineup in 2020!

The Catwoman Whip will debut in late spring. It has two giant arms that will launch riders 16 stories into the air, spin them around in a vertical circle at 52 mph and then flip them head-over-heels before repeating the spin and flip over and over.

The ride will hold 16 guests at a time, eight at each end. Guests will sit in open-air seats with their feet dangling. The arms go 164 feet into the air and then down again.

The new attraction will go where the go-karts currently sit, between The Boss and Supergirl Skyflyer, in the northwest corner of the park.

For more information visit:

Google Map for coordinates 38.513219 by -90.675216.

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