Vehicles abandoned, motorist rescued amid flash flooding in Eureka

EUREKA, Mo. – Water rescue crews were busy in the Eureka area as flash flooding affected residents for the second time within a week.

Metro West Fire Protection District officials said there had been several rescues in the area.

Several vehicles were abandoned and at least one motorist had to be rescued Friday night amid flash flooding along a Eureka creek.

The water rescue took place on road off of Fox Creek. First responders were notified around 8:25 p.m. that a man got trapped in his pickup truck and needed to be extracted.

Rescuers got the man a life jacket as they prepared to remove him from the truck and get him to safety amid the high rushing water.

Water continued receding in downtown Eureka where volunteers placed sandbags across storefronts. Emergency responders monitored the roads, which were closed down.

Just four days ago, the city flooded after rain pounded the area.

Eureka fire officials working downtown said the amount of rainfall they receive within short periods of time is what fills up those basins.

"We are trying to come up with solutions but it's difficult when the flooding keeps happening," said Chief Greg Brown with Eureka Fire Protection District.

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