Twitter account once owned by Russ Carnahan commandeered by young girl

ST. LOUIS – A young girl from China has some of the biggest political heavyweights, journalists, and news organizations in Missouri following her Twitter page.

At least, it appears to be run by a young girl from China, who often poses in bunny ears and other outfits generated by social media filters. So why are all these people following her? Because she has the Twitter handle @russcarnahan, the handle once used by the Missouri congressman.

If you do a Google translation of her Twitter username, 見出されてない美女図鑑, it comes back with, “Undiscovered Beauty.” But the handle retains a verified blue checkmark, symbolizing her account as one of a public figure. All of the congressman’s previous Twitter activity is gone, replaced by multiple pictures with lots of exciting graphics. Also left behind: a plethora of household names among the 3,217 followers who likely have no idea that the page has been commandeered by a kid. (If it’s really a kid running the page.)

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