Thieves caught on cameras in Valley Park area using new tactics to steal cars

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VALLEY PARK, MO - Police across the St. Louis area are seeing a new trend in car break-ins. Groups of thieves are working together with a rolling getaway car.

Police say this tactic by thieves popped up a couple of years ago and it seems to be increasing throughout the Metro Area in recent months.

Home surveillance video from a subdivision in Valley Park shows two subjects getting out of a car and running to check to see to if car doors are unlocked and right along with them is their rolling getaway car.

Another home security camera also caught the thieves in action.

Residents say the thieves found a key fob in one car and stole it.

The footage shows the thieves arriving at 3:36 a.m. and leaving with two cars four minutes later.

Ballwin police are investigating similar crimes, and investigators say if they can’t steal the car they'll steal whatever is in the car.  Often the cars that have been targeted were left unlocked.

Resident Rob Badger said his home security camera caught the criminals in action,

"One came and checked my wife's car which luckily was locked. My neighbor's here unfortunately not this car but another one was unlocked they rummaged through that. They moved very quickly and efficiently.

Valley Park resident Adam Archambeault said items were stolen from his unlocked car, "I came out this morning and checked my car and the glove box was open and the console was open. I was issuing the tray of my console. There was some loose change in there  and maybe a couple of generic Claritin pills and a utility multi-tool knife that I always keep for emergencies."

Ballwin Police Officer Scott Stephens says his department is investigating similar crime, "The approach is a lot more coordinated. These individuals are coming in groups sometimes kind of small but we've seen as many as eight or nine people in these groups where they all kind of ride in one car or another and disperse through a neighborhood checking every door they can check then they're back in the car and on to the next neighborhood."

Police have emphasized over and over again to lock your cars at night.

If thieves are able to get into your car, they could get your garage door opener, and they could enter your home.

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