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Memo lays out problems and possible solutions at two downtown parking garages

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Two big downtown St. Louis parking garages that have been the sight of many problems are undergoing major changes. The upgrades are being laid out in a memo from the garages` owner obtained by Fox 2. We're talking about the Kiener Plaza East and West Parking Garages.

The memo from InterPark, the company that owns both garages, lays out the concerns and possible solutions. The memo apologizes for the current conditions at the garages and talks about issues including car break-ins, homeless people in the stairwells, elevators not working and what the document calls unsavory odors in the stairwells and elevators.

The InterPark memo was sent to several downtown businesses after complaints about the garages. The memo says additional security was added earlier this year with expanded hours.

Since that move, the memo claims there has been an overall decrease in car break-ins and homeless people in stairwells. Security doors and card readers are also being added at all pedestrian entry points.

The memo also vows to modernize elevators and explains that stairwell power washing has increased to twice a month. Finally, the memo talks about lighting updates.

People we talked with who park in the garages call the plans positive steps- some say the actions are overdue. We spoke with InterPark officials requesting an on-camera interview about the memo. But no one ever got back to us.

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