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Carondelet food patch brings community together

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ST. LOUIS - Many people struggle to eat balanced meals because they do not have access to fresh produce. Fortunately, there is a new place to get fruits and vegetables in the area and it is not only inspiring better food options, but it is also bringing the community together.

In a corner of Carondelet, neighbors are transforming an abandoned lot into a community food patch and food forest.

"It gives me hope for the future that we see these little ones learning about agriculture and that food doesn't always come from a store. Sometimes you can go outside, pick something, rinse it off and eat it," said volunteer Hannah Lachance.

Volunteers said they have come a long way since their shovels hit the dirt a couple years ago. They hope in a few years, it will be a full-on food forest.

"We're hoping this will be someplace that people will come, hang out and be outside and learn how to grow things and learn where their food comes from and have a source for produce," said volunteer Laura Gatlin.

Gatlin and Lachance started the food patch two years ago and said it is growing with purpose.

"We have tomatoes that can be harvested. We have basil so you could come today and pick tomatoes and basil and go buy some mozzarella and make yourself a salad," said Gatlin.

It is a team effort and Gatlin said they are in need of helping hands.

If you are interested in helping, volunteers meet every Monday morning. There is also a community planting scheduled October 26th.

The food patch and food forest are located at 555 Hurck Street.

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