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North City shooting leaves one dead, one injured

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ST. LOUIS - One man is dead and a woman is seriously injured after an early morning shooting in North St. Louis.

“We need some kind of hope around here,” says Jerry Flenoid.

He is the cousin of the man who was shot and killed in the 5300 block of Wabada just before 3:45 Sunday morning.

He says his cousin just moved in with his girlfriend and she was also shot in the torso and leg.

“He’s in his 40’s with no education. I actually tried to help him find a job and he couldn’t find a job. There’s no resources here,” he explains.

He says he was a felon so work was hard to come by. His mother says he was a barber on the side to try to earn a little extra money.

“It’s the jobs. That’s the main thing we need in this whole community is jobs. No McDonald jobs. They have all these factories, and everyone is temping so they don’t have to pay anybody and then all of these kids are running around and they rather sell drugs. I’m in that predicament right now. I have a newborn daughter and I have nothing. I’m making pennies,” said Flenoid.

A desperate plea as another homicide brings this year’s total to 147 but that’s not just a number, it’s people who leave behind those that grieve their loss.

“We need resources. Everyone’s running around saying stop the killing stop the violence. We need resources. We need jobs for these kids,” said Flenoid.

If you have any information about this crime you are asked to call the police.

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