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Experimental baseball cap may reverse male balding

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Scientists have created a baseball cap that could reverse male balding. The cap contains layers of differently charged materials that produce electricity each time you move your head. Those electric pulses could encourage hair growth.

Researchers tested it on hairless mice and found 2 millimeters of fur growth after nine days.  It was also tested on one researcher’s father who saw a lot of new hair growth after one month.

Scientists say wearing the cap shouldn’t be uncomfortable since is produces gentle electric pulses.  They add that the hat will only work in men who are currently losing their hair or have recently become bald.  That is because the skin loses its ability to generate new hair follicles after many years of baldness.

These images show the mouse skin before (left) and after (right) treatment with the patch (pink rectangle) and other baldness treatments (other rectangles) – Credit: University of Wisconsin–Madison

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