Illinois girl does not see coyote charging at her while playing in yard

VILLA PARK, Ill. Millions of Americans live near coyotes without ever seeing one.  WLS-TV reports that one Illinois family’s security camera caught a scary encounter their young daughter had with a particularly bold one.

The childhood innocence in this home surveillance video is almost eerie if you know what’s coming.

“I just skipped out the door and I went to the mailbox,” said Christine Przybylski.

After turning back disappointed her Halloween costume hadn’t arrived, home surveillance cameras show a coyote lurking. But Christine Przybylski doesn’t see it.

“I decided to go to the swing, and when I went to the swing, he run by and I was like going and then I was like, ‘oh my god.'” said Christine Przybylski.

The coyote came charging, full speed across the front yard.  It then circles a tree and charges right at Christine. It came so close that it touches her.

Now Christine won’t be playing in the front yard unaccompanied. Neighbors believe the coyotes may live in a wooded area. They say they’ve often heard them fighting and screaming at night. And now that a neighborhood child’s been threatened, they plan to contact local authorities.


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