AAA host walk to end distracted driving

CHESTERFIELD, MO - A recent survey has found more than half of the drivers in the U.S. admit to using a cell phone while driving. Triple AAA teamed up with law enforcement in a campaign to curb distracted driving.

Even though most drivers acknowledge that distracted driving is unsafe many can’t fight the powerful urge to text or check social media behind the wheel and the police say the results are often deadly.

To encourage drivers to put down their phones while driving AAA hosted it’s first-ever Walk to End Distracted Driving in Central Park in Chesterfield the walk is part of AAA multi-year don’t drive intoxicated don’t drive intexticated.

Just like we don’t believe in driving with a beer in our hand AAA does not believe you should be able to drive with a telephone and text.

Master SGT. Tycee Williams of the Missouri State Highway Patrol talked about the dangers of texting and driving he is a victim of a texting and driving crash he was fortunate to escape as he showed pictures of his smashed car.

Authorities say 97 percent of drivers sat texting while driving is dangerous, but 32 percent of those same drivers reported texting at least once.

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